Sunny Garden
fruit growing

How it all

The history of the Sunny Garden company began with a small garden in the west of Ukraine and grew to large-scale plantations throughout its territory, literally the best regions for growing apples in the country.

Our products are grown in Ukraine using the latest technologies. We bought the drip irrigation system in Israel. The pillars and the hail net were brought from Italy.

The farm also has powerful refrigerating chambers with the technology of a regulated gas environment. Therefore, the company supplies products to its customers all year round.

Company Scale

  • 80 hectares of land already planted with the trees for harvest
  • 950000 of apple trees grow in the nursery
  • 3000 tons is the capacity of the refrigerator for storage
  • 10000 tons is the capacity of the refrigerator that is being built now

How we grow and
take care of the harvest

Our nursery has 950,000 trees, but we bring additional rootstocks and other sorts from Italy and the Netherlands.

We take care of the ecology and protection of our nurseries and control the entire production chain very strictly, starting from the planting of seedlings and ending with the delivery of ripe fruits.

Currently, the scale of Sunny Garden allows us to expand production and improve our business in the nearest future.

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